Jxl is a super project containing many interrelated projects.


jxl.binding Binding is a object persistence library similary to java.util.Preferences.
jxl.combination Combination exposes the Binding persistence system as familiar Collections classes.
jxl.enclosure Enclosure is a deployment system, app launcher and security manager.
jxl.enclosure.loader Classes responsible for managing modules and class-loading.
jxl.enclosure.peer Classes that enable dynamic download and install of needed modules.
jxl.enclosure.security Dynamic security implementation that allows customized permission granting (or denying!).
jxl.enclosure.security.gui Gui classes that control the security system.
jxl.enclosure.superstatic Superstatic frontend that ensures only one instance of enclosure is running on the system at any time.
jxl.enshell A Java scripting language designed with security and ease of use in mind.
jxl.enshell.tree A small gui to display the expression tree build by xlp.
jxl.install Install is a simple library to collect and record a directory to persist data.
jxl.jxta Simple helper classes to perform common jxta related functions.
jxl.peermi An extention of the standard RMI classes to enable true p2p, bidi rmi.
jxl.search Search is a simple, and powerful interface to the idea of object searching.
jxl.superstatic Superstatic is a simple library that expands staic across multiple vm's.
jxl.terminal A simple gui terminal and interpreter interface.
jxl.uberjar Uberjar is a tool to generate executable, compound jars.
jxl.util Utility classes use by nearly every other sub-project.
jxl.vague Vague persists simple or nested bean property data without requiring a bean implementation.
jxl.version An implementation of versions and version ranges based on a mathmatical number line.
jxl.xlp Xlp is a language parser factory.


Jxl is a super project containing many interrelated projects. Some are libraries some are applications. The general focus of the jxl project is to make using java easier.

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