Interface VagueObject

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public interface VagueObject
extends java.io.Serializable

VagueObject must be extended (not implemented) to use VagueContext. A sub-interface of VagueObject declares java bean properties but does not define them. The definition is left to VagueContext, which maps the properties to persistent store.

To be correctly formed, a sub-interface of VagueObject must adhere to the following rules.

Rule One - Property types may only be of three kinds. 1) prmitive, 2) implement Serializable directly or indirectly, or 3) sub-interface of VagueObject.

Rule Two - All properties that are not VagueObject (that is primitive and Serializable) must provied both getX() and setX() methods. (A property of boolean type may provide isX() instead of getX().

Rule Three - All properties that are VagueObject must provide only a getX() method.

Rule Four - No methods that do ont match the ones described above are allowed.

Alex Lynch