Enclosure acts as a security manager, deployment system, and application launcher, all in one.
Imagine securely running any java application in the world with a single command. This could be possible with Enclosure.

Ok, thats the catch-line, here's the story. Enclosure builds on Peermi, dynamic class-loading, and an adaptable security system to provide a comprehensive application delivery and launching system. Here's how it works:

Once Enclosure is run, it transparently builds a RMI peer network (across firewalls and nats) that connects every Enclosure peer to the rest.

Next Enclosure tries to load the class the user wants to run. If it cannot be found locally, Enclosure searches for the class on peer Enclosures, retrieves the most recent version, and runs it.

If while the class is running, it tries to access a class that is not present, the same lookup procedure occurs. In this way, Enclosure transparently resolves application dependencies to libraries or other apps.

Think about it. How many thousand java apps bundle a version of log4j into their distribution builds? How many times have you downloaded a new java app, only to find that you need to download five or six xml processing libraries from separate sites?

With Enclosure this would no longer happen. Just supply a main-class name, and smile to yourself as the app runs all by itself.

For more information on the Enclosure system, review the api, contact us, or try the forums.